Sports Massage Therapy

An Ancient Therapy Know for Pain Relief, Recovery, Improved Blood Flow, and more!

About Sports Massage Therapy

At Relax and Get Results, we understand the demands placed on athletes of all levels as well as everyday workers. You push your mind and body to the limit, and sometimes, it needs a helping hand to recover and perform at its best. 

Sports Massage Therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that is known to help with athletic recovery, chronic pain conditions, poor circulation, cellulite, stress, respiratory issues, and so much more! Try sports massage therapy today!

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Improved Muscle Performance

Sports massage helps reduce muscle tension and soreness, improving flexibility and range of motion. This can lead to enhanced athletic performance and faster recovery times after workouts or competitions.


Recovery is an important part of an athletic training routine. Sports massage therapy aids in helping the muscles recover quicker, allowing athletes to push to newer levels of performance quicker! 

Enhanced Flexibility

By loosening tight muscles and improving joint mobility, sports massage can help you move more freely and efficiently. This can benefit athletes of all levels and improve performance in various activities.

Range of Motion

For athletes dealing with limited range of motion, sports massage therapy helps open up those tight muscles and allows for a greater range of motion over time. Sports massage therapy is a integral part of increasing range of motions for all athletes. 

Reduced Muscle Soreness and Pain

Sports massage can significantly reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and chronic pain. This not only improves comfort but also allows for better training consistency.

Improved Circulation and Blood Flow

Massage therapy promotes increased blood flow to the targeted muscles, delivering vital nutrients and oxygen while removing waste products like lactic acid. This can enhance recovery and reduce muscle fatigue.

Promotes Injury Prevention

Sports massage can identify areas of tightness or weakness that could lead to injuries. By addressing these issues proactively, sports massage therapy can help prevent injuries and keep you active.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

The massage experience itself can be deeply relaxing, promoting feelings of well-being and reducing stress hormones. This can benefit both physical and mental recovery.

Improved Sleep Quality

Relaxation and reduced muscle tension achieved through massage can contribute to better sleep quality, essential for overall recovery and performance.

Improved Lymphatic Drainage

Sports massage can stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps eliminate toxins and waste products from the body. This can contribute to faster recovery and a stronger immune system.

Improved Posture and Alignment

Sports massage can address postural imbalances and muscle imbalances, leading to better posture and alignment. This can improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Enhanced Focus and Concentration

The relaxation and stress relief achieved through massage therapy can lead to improved mental focus and concentration, which can benefit athletes during training and competition.

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